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Success Story: Vision Therapy Helps Student Succeed

posted on August 26, 2016

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development annually proclaims August as Children's Vision and Learning Month.

The purpose of this annual campaign is to highlight the connection between vision and learning, the importance of early detection of vision problems, and the necessity of a back-to-school comprehensive eye exam with an experienced developmental optometrist.

One in ten children in America—over 5 million in all—has a vision problem significant enough to impact his or her ability to learn in school. The typical school vision screening that may give students a ‘perfect’ grade of 20/20 only tells one thing: how well a child can see at a distance. An estimated 80% of learning occurs through a child’s eyes and seeing the chalkboard clearly is only one small part of this. It takes many other behavioral visual skills to achieve success in the classroom, including focusing, tracking smoothly along lines of text, and coordinating eyes to work together.

That brings us to Mary Torres

word wall.jpeg That brings us to Mary Torres

In second grade, Mary Torres was struggling to read sentences even though she could read from the classroom "word wall." By this time, she had already received two years of reading support without improvement; the school told her parents not to worry as some students stay in reading support for six or seven years. Mary's mother, Suzanne Torres, wouldn't take that for an answer, and she began researching alternatives, ultimately finding Dr. Rob Lauver of Strasburg Family Eyecare. Dr. Lauver referred Mary to Advanced Vision Therapy, its sister practice that employs one of the only certified vision therapists in Central Pennsylvania. Vision therapy was their answer.

"(Mary was) a child who returned home from school in tears, exhausted from an exorbitant amount of energy expended on trying to keep letters in line and view numbers as they seemed to move across the page," Suzanne explains. "For several years after her treatment she would hug me and say, 'Thank you, Mommy! Thank you for my vision therapy!'"

Vision Therapy Caused Total Transformation

Now, Mary is an honor roll student at Martin Meylin Middle School who also plays the cello and is an avid reader.

Mary is not alone. Over the last 10 years, Advanced Vision Therapy has treated 3000 patients, helping them use all 17 skills that are foundational for proper vision.

Suzanne is right.

"We read to learn, especially as students, and asking a child to read the same thing multiple times is utterly useless when they can't process what they are reading," says Suzanne.

Conventional reading support was useless for Mary, and she was a year and a half behind her reading level. By the time she began third grade -- after just a few months of therapy -- she was only six months behind.

About Advanced Vision Therapy

Having treated over 3000 patients, Advanced Vision Therapy is a leading vision therapy practice located in Strasburg, PA. Closely associated with Strasburg Family Eyecare, AVT is accredited by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Advanced Vision Therapy has been a leader in vision therapy for over a decade and sees better results than nearly any practice in the area. It also employs one of the only certified vision therapists in Central Pennsylvania.

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