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Vision Therapy Success Story: Lori Kaprocki

posted on January 10, 2017

Lori Kaprocki suffered from double vision, which stemmed from Guillan Barre Syndrome. After she could not get an appointment with a hospital-referred specialist, she found Advanced Vision Therapy online. Having completed just a few months of therapy with our therapist Amanda Dorn, she reports that her double vision is gone, but there's something more: as a retired teacher, she wished she new about vision therapy earlier!

amanda dorn vision therapist

Vision therapist Amanda Dorn helped Lori Kaprocki correct her double vision.

Retired Teacher Wishes She Knew About Vision Therapy Earlier

Lori taught second grade for many years, and during that time, she had many students who struggled to read.

"I learned so much about vision therapy during my time at AVT," she told us, "including how it can help children who may be having difficulty learning in school. As a retired second grade teacher, I wish I had known about vision therapy to help some of my students."

Vision Therapy Helps Students Learn

Just like you are born with feet, but can't walk, you are born with eyes, but can't see and process. Vision is a result of both heredity and/or our environment as we develop. If your child is not walking by a certain age, your pediatrician takes corrective measures. If your child is not seeing and processing information at each stage of their development, your optometrist takes corrective measures, like corrective eye glasses or vision therapy. There are 17 skills needed for proper vision, and vision therapy can help correct those issues. We thank Lori for sharing her story!

About Advanced Vision Therapy

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