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Vision Therapy Success Stories: Ervin Fisher

amanda dorn small Vision Therapy Success Stories: Ervin Fisher

Ervin Fisher, a 9-year old Amish boy, suffered from “poor concentration at school” according to his mother. After Ervin completed 6 weeks of vision therapy with Amanda (pictured), his mother noted that there was good improvement.

"It was a pleasure to work with Amanda." Mrs. Fisher stated.

Ervin's confidence greatly improved week to week. On his first visit there was a lot of "I can't" or "I don't think I can do this" but by the last session Ervin took on challenging exercises without second guessing himself! Our staff also noted that Ervin was much more social upon completion of his therapy.

amish hats 2 Another success story

Another success story

We also treated another Amish boy, 8 years old, whose parents wished his name to be withheld. He presented to us with poor concentration, poor handwriting and problems with reversing his letters.

After undergoing 12 weeks of therapy, his mother noted that not only is he more motivated, but his reading, writing, and confidence have greatly improved!

Sound familiar?

Do any of the above listed symptoms sound like your child? If you or a family member have been struggling with similar issues, please give us a call!

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