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Vision Therapy Success Story: Allison Schmitt

posted on September 23, 2016

After Allison suffered two concussions, she struggled to process reading and homework assignments. After her family doctor told her vision therapy would not help, he finally recommended it ... and it did.

The Journey To Vision Therapy

allison schmitt The Journey To Vision Therapy

After Allison's concussions, she saw many different doctors and specialists including a pediatrician, concussion specialist, and pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist, and tried many types of therapy including physical therapy, vestibular therapy, and speech therapy ... nothing worked. An eye exam reported 20/20 vision with no structural abnormalities. Finally, Allison's mom arranged an appointment with Dr. Lauver, who recommended vision therapy.

Vision Therapy Works

Beginning vision therapy was at odds with many doctors' advice to simply "wait it out", something Allison's mom was determined not to do.

"I was desperate to do whatever to get my girl back, to the extent that was possible," she told us.

Vision therapy helps address the 17 skills needed for complete vision, not just the few that a standard eye exam can assess. For Allison, it proved to be the solution to getting her back on track.

Her mom couldn't be more thrilled.

"I appreciate Dr. Lauver’s professional, personal approach to working with patients and their individual visual problems," she said. "The therapists were great – supportive, challenging, and encouraging. (AVT Therapist) Kristin Gregory was a fabulous cheerleader, pushing Allison along, while connecting with her in a very sympathetic way. Allison was able to be really encouraged by Kristin due to her candor and honesty with her own journey, and her level of caring and understanding for Allison’s situation."

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