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How Vision Therapy Could Improve Your Child's Homework Sessions

Vision Therapy For Homework

Some kids struggle with homework. Maybe their workloads are too large, or they aren’t comprehending the materials being taught in class. However, a great deal of the time, if your child is overly-challenged by take-home work, it could be that his or her vision is deficient. In these cases, it’s often not just homework that becomes an issue. Your child may have difficulties in school, while playing sports, and with other extracurricular activities due to their poor vision.

Thankfully, vision therapy is an excellent treatment by which your child can have a greater chance of success in school and in life. First, your child will require a comprehensive vision exam to determine if s/he may need glasses. Ideally, your child will have had several of these exams before they became school age. Then, based on those findings, your doctor may recommend vision therapy for your child.

Besides having trouble with homework, other signs of vision deficiency that your child may exhibit while reading are squinting, moving their head from left to right instead of their eyes, covering one eye, and/or turning sideways to read. They also may be apt to frequent eye rubbing. Dyslexia, or “difficulty with words”, is only one of many reading disabilities a child may have.

Additionally, those children who have convergence insufficiency (CI), a disability characterized by an inability to merge two images together, is often overlooked by pediatric eye exams, and the child receives an ADHD diagnosis instead. These children are then medicated and continue to struggle due to their vision issues.

Vision therapy trains the body, brain, and eyes, all of which make up the entire visual system. The goal of vision therapy is to help the patient’s brain utilize their eyes to comprehend information quickly and effectively, and react appropriately based on that information.

If it is determined that your child has a vision-based learning disorder, you can request a Section 504 from your child’s school which will allow him or her to have special accommodations that will help them to succeed in their learning environment. These can include special seating in the classroom, extra time for tests and assignments, administering tests verbally, supplemental books on tape, and use of large print materials, highlighters, and/or organizers

We are not born with vision. It’s a learned skill, and some kids may need more help with this skill than others. Because 80% of what we learn is through vision, it’s imperative that your child is tested early in, and regularly throughout, their school careers.

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