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The Doctor's Mailbag: November 2016
Inside: Strabismus Surgery, Second Opinions, and more!

posted on November 13, 2016

It's another exciting edition of the Advanced Vision Therapy / Strasburg Family Eyecare Mailbag, and we have two great questions submitted to our mailbag that we'll be answering. This series is YOUR opportunity to ask Dr. Rob Lauver and the Advanced Vision Therapy team whatever is on your mind related to you or your child's eyes, brain, etc. To submit your questions for the next edition of the mailbag, follow the instructions on this blog post.

With that, here are the questions.

Q: What questions should I ask my strabismus surgeon before an operation?

A: Great question! Strabismus surgery is an invasive procedure that, in some cases, is not necessary. Many times, the underlying neurological problem can be remediated through a less-invasive process of vision therapy. In any case, here are some good questions to consider:
  • What is the likelihood the patient will need more than one surgery to resolve the problem?
  • What is the likelihood the patient's eyes will team and function normally after the procedure? Or is it just a cosmetic improvement?
  • Could the surgery make the problem worse?
  • Will the patient still need to wear glasses after the procedure?

Q: I have an eye turn problem. My doctor is recommending various treatments. How long should I wait before considering vision therapy?

A: You should wait no longer than it takes you to get to a phone and schedule an appointment. Vision therapy treats the underlying neurological causes of many eye problems, and as such, it can be used in concert with other treatments, but in many cases, it will do the job on its own. Why wait to try a non-invasive option while trying more invasive options now? The opposite makes much more sense ... especially because vision therapy works!

Have a question we didn't answer?

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