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Doctor's Mailbag: May 2017

posted on May 10, 2017

Today we're looking at a boy who hates to read, and a man who has suffered a stroke.

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Q: My son hates reading. His vision according to our eye doctor is 20/20, so they are telling me that his vision isn't part of the problem. Any suggestions?

A: Reading is a visual task! A visual task requires that the brain work with the eyes to identify and decipher what is seen. To determine if a visual system is properly developed, a Binocular Vision Exam, which is a 17 point test focused on more than visual acuity (20/20) should be the starting point. This exam is performed by a Board Certified Developmental Optometrist. (COVD,ORG) Visual memory and discrimination are 2 of the 17 skills required for reading, and are most often a result of an underlying visual problem such as an eye tracking or an eye teaming problem. If the eyes are not able to track words on a page, or to use both eyes when reading, the message to the brain is unclear and results in a child’s poor concentration and reading comprehension.

Q: My husband had a stroke 3 weeks ago and can not read. He sees four words where one is. What types of therapy would you do to assist with this type of issue?

A: Strokes often result in eye tracking and teaming disorders. Double vision, along with the inability to track words in a paragraph or to see the beginning or end of a sentence are two of the most common visual problems following a stoke. Stroke patients often lose the ability to concentrate and comprehend what they read. Before beginning any sort of therapy (occupational, physical, speech or vision) the American Academy of Optometry recommends a comprehensive 17 point visual exam, along with visual and functional field studies. The results of these exams and tests will provide you with an exact diagnosis and recommendations for the therapies best suited to treat your husband's individual needs.

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