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Do You Need Vision Therapy

posted on October 20, 2016
Do You Need Vision Therapy
Our eyesight is one of our most valuable of our 5 senses, though we very much tend to take it for granted. Most people, if their insurance covers it, will at least get an eye exam each year. But, much of the population never does. And beyond needing glasses or contacts, people rarely seek more help regarding their vision, for problems such as reading comprehension, lazy eye, headaches and trouble with homework. These symptoms would benefit greatly from vision therapy. So, how do you know if you would? Read on to find out.

First and foremost, take this quiz:

We will evaluate your scores and email you your results as well as a recommendation to get vision therapy if necessary.

Vision is more than just seeing clearly. It’s not an inborn trait, it’s learned, and sometimes, like any learned skill, people need more help mastering it than others.

Basic visual skills include:

  • Visual Memory: Remember how we see something, not just what we see
  • Visual Discrimination: Being able to tell the difference between letters, such as “d” and “b”
  • Fusion: the brain’s ability to fuse images together instead of perceiving them with double vision
  • Focus: The state of having clear visual definition
  • Eye Synchronization: Using the eyes as a team (as opposed to independently, like eye turns, or lazy eye)
  • Oculomotor Function: Moving the eyes across a written page and the ability to track moving objects
  • Visualization: The minds ability to picture what we see

All of these skills contribute to our quality of life. Poor vision and visual processing are linked to such things as ADHD misdiagnoses, reading disabilities, non-surgical options for lazy eye (amblyopia), and acquired brain injuries like stroke, trauma, and surgery.

Vision therapy helps to strengthen or rehabilitate and improve the aforementioned basic visual skills, therefore improving quality of life. If you require vision therapy, first, visit for a specially trained optometrist who can prescribe a program suited to your individual needs.

Call us today at 717.687.8141 for more information, or to schedule an appointment with Dr Rob Lauver, FCOVD, board certified in Vision Development.

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