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Brain Games: The Best Activities and Games to Keep Kids' Minds Engaged During Summer Break

posted on June 24, 2016

Summer means fun in the sun, days at the beach, and ... boredom. It’s hard to believe, but it doesn’t take long for kids to declare their eternal boredom shortly after summer break has begun. What’s worse are long car trips with kids who no longer have an interest in playing the road trip games of yesteryear. These days, with the prevalence of screens in every child’s life, keeping track of which state each car’s license plate is from just doesn’t cut it in the entertainment department anymore. So, how do you keep your kids occupied during the never ending days and long car rides that fill the summer. Here are five ideas.

kid interview 1. The Alphabet Game

1. The Alphabet Game

Give your kids a topic, such as “food”, or “super heroes”, then go through the alphabet and have them shout out a word or name that starts with each letter. Whoever gets the most answers before anyone else can win a small prize, such as fifteen minutes of screen time.

2. Kid Interview

This is not only an excellent way to help time go by faster, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your children. Do you know your kid’s favorite color? Or what sport s/he wants to play some day? How about where they’d like to visit around the globe? Frame these questions as a game, and your kids will love to tell you all about themselves. Maybe they’ll even reciprocate and interview you!

3. Teach Them a New Skill

girl playing outside 3. Teach Them a New Skill

The endless days of summer are the perfect time to teach your children a new useful skill, such as cooking, sewing, money management, or car maintenance, depending on their age of course. Not only will they learn information that will benefit them throughout their lives, but they’ll also have a go-to to keep them busy when they’re bored.

4. Card Games

play cards with kids.jpeg 4. Card Games

There are countless card games that are appropriate for children to play; they also teach kids how to strategize, wait their turn, get along with others, and have fun the old-fashioned way. Games like Go Fish, Old Maid, Spoons, Crazy Eights, and I Doubt It are all fun card games the whole family can play together.

5. Go Online

Screens aren’t all bad ... there are websites aplenty with fun, challenging, and even educational brain games that kids can play to stay entertained during the hot season. Search online for age-appropriate games your children can play, set a timer, and let them stay busy the tech way.

Get them engaged!

Summer doesn’t have to be a bore. Have a plan, buy a few supplies, and be ready before your kids declare their boredom. Teach them new ways to stay busy and summer will be a breeze!

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