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Back to School: Is Your Child's Vision Clear?

posted on August 18, 2016
back to school eye exam

We all know how much work it is to prepare our children for back-to-school time. Teachers send us long lists of supplies to buy, and new shoes and clothes have to be tried on to fit our children’s growing frames. But, did you ever consider that your kids’ eyesight should be checked? These pupils aren’t fully ready for school until they visit the eye doctor!

The statistics are that one in four children has an eye problem, but only half of parents take their children to get them checked. And eighty percent of what kids learn in school is visual. There are several signs you should look out for that may indicate that your child may have vision problems, including avoidance of reading and writing, frequent headaches, letter reversals, difficulty with recall and/or paying attention, and excessive blinking, squinting, and eye rubbing.

Your child may receive a vision screening by your pediatrician at their annual physical exam, or by the school nurse, but that is not a sufficient substitute for a comprehensive eye exam by a professional optometrist. Those screenings only check visual acuity at a distance, not up close, and most of a child’s learning is at reading distance. Call us today to schedule your child’s eye exam before school starts!

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