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Amanda Dorn Celebrates Five Years With AVT

posted on July 21, 2016

Amanda Dorn always knew she wanted to work with children. Her path to vision therapy, however, was less direct. Initially, she thought she wanted to be a psychologist; ultimately, she landed at Advanced Vision Therapy in 2011. Fast forward to 2016, and we are celebrating her fifth anniversary working on our vision therapy team.

amanda dorn vision therapist Never Knew She'd Work In Vision Therapy

Never Knew She'd Work In Vision Therapy

Amanda says, "If you had told me years ago that I'd be going through the certification process to become a vision therapist, I would have said what most people say, 'What in the world is vision therapy?' Although it has been non-stop learning, I couldn't be happier with my profession."

Her supervisor, Jessica Lauver, clinical director of Advanced Vision Therapy, calls Amanda "a huge asset to the treatment and growth of our practice."

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy uses painless techniques to remediate abnormalities of the vision system in order to help patients fully utilize vision skills. It has applications for patients who are struggling to read, are recovering from a concussion or traumatic brain injury, or who are seeking a fuller picture of the world around them.

What are the rewards of vision therapy?

Amanda says it best:

"There are many rewarding parts of my job and seeing the progress my patients make from their first visit to their last has to trump all. When a parent tells me that their child, who always disliked reading or did poorly in school, is now picking up books on their own and getting good grades – how could you not be pleased with what you’re doing as a career?"

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