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Advanced Vision Therapy Treats Its 3000th Patient
Milestone Marks Sustained Success For Local Practice

posted on July 11, 2016

When Advanced Vision Therapy opened its doors in 2006, its staff knew that it had potential to help lots of people experience the whole of the world around them through vision. After recently completing the treatment of its 3000th patient, that understanding has become a reality. Advanced Vision Therapy has grown to its present size and stature thanks largely to word of mouth of satisfied patients.

"It's so gratifying to hear a patient come in and say they were referred by a friend who had success with vision therapy," says Jessica Lauver, BBA, COVT, the clinical director of Advanced Vision Therapy. "Our success wouldn't be possible without those kind referrals. We see it as affirmation of how much we love what we do."

More Than 20/20

The Strasburg-based practice works closely with its sister practice, Strasburg Family Eyecare, to provide holistic vision care that goes beyond the traditional approach of 20/20 vision.

Vision therapy treats a range of skills needed to not only see, but to understand.

"A traditional eye exam tests only one skill. Vision is much more than that. It is the ability to understand and react to what the eyes see," says Lauver.

Lauver leads a staff of four therapists that provide treatment to patients with a variety of backgrounds including those with traumatic brain injury (TBI), learning challenges, and a desire to improve as athletes.

3000th Patient Recovered From A Concussion

katie hostetter 3000th patient advanced vision therapy 3000th Patient Recovered From A Concussion

Hostetter (right) with her therapist Kristin Gregory

Patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a primary group of patients that AVT treats. Katie Hostetter, who was the 3000th patient, sustained a concussion and had several issues she needed vision therapy to address.

"After my concussion, vision therapy remediated my double vision and gave me back the ability to read for longer periods of time," she says.

Katie is one of many patients for whom vision therapy has unlocked the ability to enjoy hobbies that were once challenging or impossible; in effect, it is one of the most impactful types of occupational therapy.

Vision Therapy Is Not Just For Kids

A common misconception about vision therapy is that it is only for children, specifically children who are aspiring athletes. Although this is one group that we treat, adults can benefit from vision therapy too. Accident victims, children who struggle to read, and those with autism comprise large portions of AVT's patient base as well. The more scientists learn about how the brain works, the more vision therapy has grown not only in popularity among patients, but in acceptance by the scientific community.

About Advanced Vision Therapy

Advanced Vision Therapy is a practice located in Strasburg, PA, that is closely associated with Strasburg Family Eyecare. Accredited by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Advanced Vision Therapy has been a leader in vision therapy for over a decade and sees better results than nearly any practice in the area. Check out some of our success stories and contact us for more information.

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