Success Stories

Vision Therapy Success Stories

We have had too many patient success stories to list them all, but here are a few of our favorites. These rotate from time to time; you can also check out our blog for more stories, like that of Mary Torres.

7 year old female

Symptoms: losing place when reading, reread several times, skipping words and sentences, forgetting words, headaches.

Since doing Vision Therapy: “Great Improvement” reading comprehension, speed of reading increased, eager to read, spends time reading, willing to sound out words, more confident, and less headaches.

Symptoms: Trisha couldn’t see through both eyes – no depth perception and dreaded going to the eye doctor.

Diagnosis: Lazy eye, Previous surgery 2 times with no improvement of vision.
Since therapy Trisha notes: “good improvement” stronger eyes, brain is starting to recognized both eyes, especially my right eye and focusing in in right eye is better.

Hello Amanda!!!

I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to send you this little piece of good news on Carter. He made the honor roll for the first marking period!! YEAH!! This is totally amazing to me!! I knew that he could do it. Now that his eyes are working properly, he CAN do it!! I compared his report card in reading from last year at this time to this year at this time and he has been able to improve his grades!! This school year has gotten off to a much better start than any other year, except for kindergarten, that was a breeze. Anyway, Carter is doing his homework right away, without tears (from either of us, that's a win!), he wants to read, he is reading bigger words, and on and on. It's so amazing what vision therapy has done for him. Now, he does have some work to do to get on grade level for reading, but there is no doubt in my mind that he can do it. Thank you so much!!

I will keep you updated!


We have seen a huge improvement in Kaeleigh's reading abilities. Before we questioned if she was able to accomplish certain tasks, now we can tell she now has the ability and we are helping her have confidence in her own and new ability! She loves coming to therapy and is sad she is done! Can't say enough thanks!

"Since completing vision therapy Caleb has become less frustrated with school work and more confident. Thanks for your patience and hard work to help Caleb improve his vision!"


"Excellent program! Doctor says the therapy did exactly what it was supposed to and there was improvement in her vision"


"Fantastic Program! She (our daughter) is able to concentrate more and play college volleyball"


"My grades have never been higher in my last three years of college as they are now, after completing vision therapy with AVT. My work is easier and I don't get headaches anymore"

-Danielle K.

When I first started to experience my symptoms, I went to several doctors and they were unable to make a diagnosis. I finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Lauver. After listening to me explain my symptoms, he did a few tests.

He told me he wanted me to do some vision therapy. I can honestly say I was a little skeptical because number one, I never heard much about vision therapy and I didn't know how it was going to help me.

So with this being my first experience with vision therapy I was unsure about what to expect, but after my first session my uneasy feelings were put behind me. Jess made sure I was doing okay during the exercises. She showed professionalism and compassion.

I would definitely recommend this office to anyone needing vision therapy.

-Kay T.

I am amazed at the change in Matthew. He is confident and able to complete his work in the same amount as his peers. He no longer complains of burning eyes, which was a daily complaint. He has seen the change too! About a month ago he said to me ´I really needed these eye exercises in 1st grade!´ We are so thankful and pleased with his progress. This has changed his entire school experience. He is in 2nd grade and is doing wonderfully. Thank you!"

-Nina D., Matthew´s mother

We were beyond frustrated and unable to find an explanation for the difficulty our daughter had reading. Getting through one page of a book took so long it seemed inconceivable she could be comprehending the material. It didn´t make sense that she tested above level with her vocabulary words listed in columns but then was unable to read them in a sentence. She loved to read and despite the struggle it took to do so, always had her nose in a book. We knew that as she grew things would become more complicated. She was just beginning to notice her classmates moving faster than she was; would she become frustrated and refuse to try any longer? We were desperate to find an answer before her opinion of school and her study habits were cemented into place. Just think of the limitations she?d face if she wasn´t able to read, understand and learn successfully. Her entire life would be impacted and her choices limited.

The school suggested reading support and we agreed. After a year and a half of daily reading support in school and practicing the skills at home, there was still no improvement. When I questioned the school about this lack of progress I was told, Oh, sometimes we have children in reading support for seven years!? Sorry, not this child. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. We agreed.

In looking for answers we stumbled across literature relating her symptoms to the muscles of the eyes. She was suffering from fatigue, difficulty concentrating or staying on task and had trouble moving her eyes smoothly. After visiting many doctors and being told she could see clearly we were lucky enough to visit Dr. Lauver at Strasburg Family Eye Care. Finally we had answers! Even better - we had options. Yes, she could see clearly, but what exactly was she seeing? We started therapy to correct the movements of her eye and after several weeks of therapy she was a changed girl! This year not only have her grades improved she enjoys going to school! She arrives home with a smile instead of exhausted and in tears. Many times she has come up to hug me and tell me how much easier it is now to read and do her math problems. It wasn´t easy - the exercises made her dizzy and sometimes gave her a headache. However, we worked through it knowing that those few weeks of therapy would bring a lifetime of opportunity. This therapy has given our daughter the chance to be her very best. And after all, that´s all we ever wanted.

-Suzanne, T.

My name is Jen. I am 32 years old. At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with chronic headaches by a neurologist. I have had a headache every day of my life since then. I have tried different medications over the years, but nothing has helped my headaches. I also have a tendency to get nauseated when riding in a car and running long distances.

About two years ago I started to experience double vision. My eye doctor at the time just dismissed it and said it was probably due to my eyes being slightly different prescriptions. He adjusted my prescription lenses. When that didn't help he said there was nothing he could do to correct it.

When I was first examined by Dr. Lauver he knew what was wrong right away. He explained that I had a condition called vertical heterophoria. He prescribed lenses with a prism and also six weeks of neuro-rehab. After completing the neuro-rehab and making some adjustments to my prescription lenses my double vision is almost totally corrected. I am certain that as time goes on my headaches will continue to improve. I am so happy that I found Dr. Lauver. He has drastically improved my quality of life.

-Jen G.

Sage is my six and a half year old daughter. Sage was diagnosed with autism at age two. One of her symptoms of autism is struggling with sensory issues. She does not like to be in crowded places and shuts down in new places and situations. If people try and talk to Sage she typically turns her head away or looks down. She also does not like to be hugged. When Sage was three years old we were referred to a neurologist because she was falling a lot and also running into things. It was determined that it was due to her sensory issues.

In January 2013, Dr. Lauver examined Sage. He prescribed glasses with a prism and vision therapy. Sage had vision therapy for six weeks. She has made wonderful progress while wearing her glasses and doing vision therapy. When Sage first put on her glasses she was much more away of the world around her. She kept her head up and was looking around at everything. That was a big and noticeable change for Sage. She is also sometimes answering back when someone asks her a question instead of looking away or looking down. That is a huge achievement for Sage! Her clumsiness is also very much improved. She no longer runs into things and falls a lot. She is also able to complete a pattern in our family Tae Kwon Do class. We have been going to Tae Kwon Do for a year in a half. Sage was never able to complete a pattern before. Her awareness in space is so much better.

Lastly, Sage has been more open to hugging and even recently told me that she loves me! Those are words I had never heard from Sage. I can't even begin to express how that made me feel! She just seems so much more engaged in the world around her. We are very grateful to Dr. Lauver for all of his knowledge and help! The progress Sage has made is truly amazing!

-Jen G., Sage's mother

John and I want to thank you for an amazing visit on Wednesday. I realize we took up some of Jess's time with conversation however understanding all aspects of John's vision were enlightening. Both you and Jess were very gracious to our daughter; she was really impressed with the both of you. WOW, what a team the two of you make and with such compassion for your patients. When I think back to our first visit and compare it with the visit on Wednesday I saw the degree of improvement. You need to know that the therapy and glasses attributed to his progress but the encouragement and genuine concern given to John by the both of you have positively affected his attitude and determination to succeed.
Thank You,

-Mary D.

Aidan is much better at tracking. The reading comprehension homework greatly improved his grades in school.

-Aidan's mother

The greatest strides were very apparent in the beginning of therapy, with more strength training towards the end.

-Aidan's father

I felt it was well with the time and money spent. His teacher was happy with the improvement. His concentration was definitely better. School is over for this term, but we are looking forward to next term. He really enjoyed Amanda. He always looked forward to Tuesday afternoons. I am very likely to recommend Advanced Vision Therapy's services. Therapy was very enjoyable for him. He said he is going to miss it!


Dr. Lauver and Therapist!

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all you have done for me. You all are very compassionate and caring.

When I saw the fundraiser for the Advanced Vision Therapy scholarship fund, I knew this was something I wanted to support. Vision therapy has helped me, so I felt in my heart, that I wanted to help others receive the same rewards from the program as well.

So please accept this check ($500) as a small token of my appreciation. I know it may seem like a lot, but you can't put a price tag on your vision.


My son reads independently and enjoys reading. He is now well within his reading grade/age level. His spelling has greatly improved. He can now concentrate on something for extended amounts of time.


Sage is an 8-year-old second-grader who was non-verbal and was rated as being 10% social by her school's Special Ed. department. She was treated with Ambient lenses and four weeks of Vision Therapy. After just two weeks, her mom stopped into the office to tell the doctor...

1. Sage had looked her mom in the eye and said "I love you". She had barely spoken prior.

2. Special Ed. re-evaluated her, and she is now rated as being 90% social!

Tears flowed from the entire staff at word of this great news!

Bryan was a very shy 6-year-old. He's verbal, but his speech was incomprehensible. He couldn't hold a pencil, write a single letter, or catch a ball. His eye contact was limited. His parents had him in multiple therapies, including speech, physical, and occupational for years and saw little improvement. One of the OTs told Bryan's mother about Advanced Vision Therapy. Bryan received Ambient lenses and twelve weeks of vision therapy. After just eight weeks, he was able to hold a pencil and write legibly, could catch and toss balls, AND best of all - YOU COULD UNDERSTAND HIS SPEECH! It was so amazing. After seeing him just last month (his therapy was in the Spring of 2014), he was high-fiving the staff, and he ran and tackled the doctor with a HUGE hug! It brought tears to her eyes!

Our graduated VT student now has no headaches and her grades are awesome. I'm super thankful for the staff, and all that they've done. I can't believe how my daughter has blossomed. I'd like to thank the staff over and over again! I let everyone know how my daughter has overcome her struggles thanks to vision therapy!

-A happy mom

Before Therapy, Austin had never fully completed reading through a book. He sure would try! He was not enjoying school. After Therapy, he is READING voluntarily on his own! He will sit at the table, eat, and try to read.


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